Selection Policy

Hampton Cricket Club aims to be fair to all members in selecting the team for league, midweek and friendly fixtures. Players must be registered and this includes paying that season’s subs, to be selected for league games. We have to then register players with the Hunts & Rutland Leagues.

Selection for midweek games and friendly fixtures will follow the same rules in principle but there will be more flexibility in terms of blooding new players. New players will be asked to register and pay subs in the days following the game and are unlikely to be selected again until this has been received.

Selection priority will go to players who have registered and paid subs.

Please remember that the club requires subscription fees to cover your insurance and essential equipment for the game.

It is important that players include their details on the website and update their availability as it changes. This is the information that the captains will use to pick the team. With an increasing numbers of teams and lots more players, this becomes increasingly important. If you do not have web access or have limited access please telephone the captains who will update your availability for you.

Please ensure the website has your up to date details and log on.  To record your availability, please log on to the website by entering your username and password (previously sent, email Paul Burrows for a reminder) and click on the Availability button (top right of middle).

Team selection is made via the website and an email/text is sent to those selected. It is important that you confirm your place in the side ideally via the website or by telephoning the captain, 48 hours prior to the game.

If your availability changes following confirmation you must inform the captain as soon as possible so a replacement can be found. If you assign yourself as ‘unavailable’ but then subsequently become available, please advise the captain but don’t assume that there is still a place in the team available.

Our guiding principles for the upcoming season are that:

  •  our Saturday 1st XI will represent the strongest side of registered players we can field, aiming for league promotion.
  •  our Sunday 1st XI aims to be competitive but much more about improving our skills and confidence.
  •  friendly and midweek games will be used to give everyone opportunities to play. Those not selected to play in the league fixtures will get priority over the league players in the next friendly/midweek game, as long as a reasonable balanced side can be maintained.

When more than eleven registered players are available, other selection criteria will be taken into account (not in any particular order):

  •  Balance of the side (sufficient batting, bowling and fielding)
  • Commitment to the club
  • Attendance at nets and club events
  • Form
  • Appearances
  • Overall availability
  • Whether people are contactable
  • Reliability and punctuality

The club’s definition of registered is:

  • Have completed a Registration Form
  • Have paid the subscription fees for the season
  • Have added their details to the website
  • Have been registered with the relevant league.

Whilst the selection decision should confirm to the adopted selection policy, the final decision rests with the captains and vice captains. 

Exec Committee, April 2011