Hampton Cricket Club - Code of Conduct

HCC Code of Conduct.pdf

Hampton Cricket Club Code of Conduct

This code of conduct applies to all matches, training and events held at the club. The club accepts responsibility for the behaviour of its officials, members & players. The club will take the necessary disciplinary action against any individual who fail to comply with this code. Prompt payment of subs, match fees and fines is expected of all members.

Any issues on non-compliance should be reported to the Chairman immediately. A panel made from the Executive Committee will then review the matter and determine any appropriate action.

Players and members will observe high standards of etiquette, sportsmanship & behaviour both on and off the field in keeping with the dignity and best traditions of the game and of the club.

Players and members will treat the clubs facilities and equipment with due care. Members must remember that Elton is private property and uphold the wishes of the owner. Particular attention must go to removing litter, tidy clubhouse and careful driving/parking

The club will not accept intimidation, aggressive behaviour or deliberate distraction of our opponents. The club will not accept any dissent at umpire’s decisions.

Players are to notify their respective Team Captains or Managers at the earliest opportunity if non-availability occurs after selection.

All players are to arrive promptly at the stated meeting times. Please proactively contact the captain if you’re running late.

Players must contact the captain promptly if their availability if likely to change after selection.

Players will be mutually supportive of each other on and off the field. The club does not accept any bullying or harassment on the grounds of gender, ability, age etc. Friendly banter is one thing, but we all make mistakes, appreciate your boundaries.

At the direction of the Captain or Vice Captain, all players are expected to help out preparing for the game, during the game (eg umpiring, scoring, drinks, setting up/clearing teas) and after the game.

Players are asked to wear either Hampton branded shirts or plain cricket shirts whilst playing for the club. Wearing caps with other branding from another team is permitted.

Code of Conduct for team captains

Captains are to follow the standard code of conduct expected of any HCC member and are expected to lead by example on and off the field.

The club expects all Captains and Committee Members to exercise suitable control over their teams/members.

Captains are to ensure all match fees are collected and do necessary paperwork. This includes ensuring all players are league registered before the game, that match scorecards and results are filled with league and on-line.

Captains are to ensure that facilities left clean and tidy after matches and all litter is removed.

In the event that a match is cancelled, the Team Captain will contact players and an official from the opponent’s team as a matter of course.